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Please note that this website is no longer maintained.  The WHSFA is under a review process and developing a new site.  Please contact your state officers if there are items that you wish to see on the new WHSFA site.

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as of 2-20-12

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Wyoming Novice CX Debate Info (Out of Date)

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Current Debate Topics
Discover current debate topics from the National Forensic League website. Please note that Wyoming Will This Year use the Nov/Dec LD topic during the Nov/Dec tournaments.

Debate Central
A comprehensive collection of evidence and information for the current high school policy debate topic. 

Novice Affirmative Case List
Just what it says.  Remember, if you are a novice CX'er, you need to post your case and be sure it fits within the topic limits.

Find Law
Here is a good Law directory thingy for law stuff.

Yahoo! Government
Search engine thingy-ma-bob for law stuff.

Here's' Clark publishing company's URL. Many use their beginning debate textbook in forensics class.

Bill Bennett and his wife, Kat, own CDE Debate. They are good friends with many of the Wyoming coaches. They have a very, very detailed links page. I don't think any one else has this extensive of a links page for debate and extemp!

Here's a CX topic guide called the H.S. Debate Archive:

And another called debate help net.

Another textbook/handbook company that offers free information and has some good links and theory materials that are also free is Paradigm Research Online.



Publishing Companies

Dramatists Play Service
This page has a catalog of over 2,000 plays and much, much more!

Pioneer Drama Service
This page has a search engine as well.

Dramatic Exchange
Another huge index of plays to choose from.

Samuel French Inc.
This place was founded in 1830 by Samuel French, and "he deals in plays" so go there.

American Association of Community Theater
They represent 1,000 companies and more than 7,000 groups of theater buffs.

Play Script Links

Actors Theater of Louisville Home Page:
Organization specializes in producing new short plays-especially ten-minute
types. Several good sources there.

Applause Theater & Cinema Books:
A company that publishes and sells their own and other materials.

Baker's Plays:
Mostly high school and amateur plays, but some good materials, too.

Broadway Play Publishing, Inc:
Not a large company. Mostly off-Broadway materials. Sometimes good sources.

International Center for Women Playwrights:
I don't know much about this one, but might prove to be valuable.


Some Sample Extemp Topics

Book Stores

Amazon Books
Amazon books, what more can you say?

Barnes & Noble
Hey, not only do they have huge stores, they have huge on line store!

Biblio Find
8 million really old and hard to find books that you can buy from around 35 hundred booksellers, wow!

Powell's Books:
Gigantic bookstore, even larger than the Tattered Cover in Denver, located in Seattle.

State Associations and Team Websites

Colorado High School Activities Association Site:
This site has names, addresses and phone numbers of all those who host Colorado meets this year. 

National Federation:
These are the people who write the monthly extemp topics and the CX Topic. Some good materials (pamphlets, cassettes and video tapes) are also sold that prove helpful. They also publish a series of CX topic analysis and research information each year that is used by many.

Wyoming High School Activities Association Site:
This site has has a lot of useful information including the state results and updated
extemp topics. Thank them for their support of speech and debate in Wyoming!

Illinois Speech and Theatre Association
The Illinois Speech and Theatre Association is dedicated to serving its membership and to guarding the welfare of speech and theatre education.

International Speech Communication Association
Promoting international speech communication, science and technology.

Nebraska Speech and Debate Coaches' Association
Cool stuff here.  Besides it is always nice to see what other people are doing...

Texas Forensic Association
This page is designed to provide members of the forensic community access to important information about the Texas Forensic Association and other forensic resources.

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